Make Life Better

At ONE BLUE EYE we are working at ways to give plastic waste a value. We hope that, in turn, everyone will understand the vast array of possibilities this largely untapped resource gives us.


We know the best way to educate and inspire is to have a go and get stuck in!
Our plastic recycling workshops gives an insight into how simple the process is and how we can all Make Life Better.

Sustainable thinking

We want individuals, communities and businesses to understand the value in what is thrown away.We can engage and collaborate with anyone who wants to turn their plastic waste into desirable and useful objects that, in turn, are fully recyclable.

Fitness and wellbeing

Improving physical and mental wellbeing whilst connecting people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.
Encouraging altruistic behaviour with a ‘Pay It Forward’ scheme.
Working together to inspire future generations to MAKE LIFE BETTER

Our aim is to inspire and educate through fun and engaging activities

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